Welcome Dreamerz!

What did you see in your

Dreamerz is a collective of 10,000 generative hand drawn NFT characters.
Owning a Dreamerz doesn’t only guarantee a good night’s sleep, it also
offers digital and physical utilities that can’t be found in any other projects!

As a team, we plan to grow the franchise as far as we can to connect the
contemporary art’s world with the Metaverse. Our aim is to create a major
impact in both. We are extremely excited to launch this project and can’t
wait to reveal what we have in mind for the future!

Creating a brand that is led by the community is an idea that has always
intrigued us and we will be pursuing this through community votes. This will
allow us to create a project the community can be proud of and have
actively contributed to.


  • 01

    Community traits

    • Participate in the community traits contest for a chance to have your ideas featured in the project!
  • 02

    Mint Week

    Each stage will last 24 hours

    • Most exclusive role within the project.
    • 25% discount on mint.
    • Guaranteed possibility of minting up to 5 Dreamerz.
    • Priority access to subsidiary projects & much more!
    • Guaranteed possibility of minting up to 3 Dreamerz.
    Public Sale
    • Minting will be limited to 1 Dreamerz per transaction.
    • Availability is not guaranteed.
  • 03


    • 10% of mint and 50% of all royalties will be allocated to our community vault.
    • This will be used to re-invest in Dreamerz project development and subsidiary projects. Dreamerz holders will be able to vote on how capital is spent.
  • 04

    1/1 Charity auction

    • A piece unique Dreamerz will be created specifically for this cause. All profits will be donated to an established charity voted by the community.
  • 05

    Artist collaborative collection

    • We will partner with a well-known artist and create a 10-piece, hand-drawn collection of Dreamerz.
  • 06

    Dream factory

    • Dream Factory is a campaign to help talented digital artists start their own collection.
    • The winner will have the possibility to launch his own NFT collection sponsored and backed by the Dreamerz team.

Dream Team

Jin Xiao